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What age is best to photograph my newborn baby?
Five to ten days old is best, but definitely before two-weeks-old. After two weeks, babies tend to be more wakeful, less curly, and more difficult to pose. Please contact us while you’re still pregnant since we only take a limited number of newborn sessions per month. We want to make sure to save your space, once baby arrives.

I’m a little nervous taking my new baby out so what can I expect from a newborn shoot?
Newborn sessions are notably special. You will be pampered and will likely find the experience relaxing and beautiful. Maybe you sit back and watch me pose your baby, take a nap on the couch, or book a massage or pedicure next door. It’s up to you! Siblings are always welcome, but most parents find it helpful to have the older siblings step out with an adult after their photo session, allowing us to create a calm, sleepy environment for your babe.

What should we wear for our family portrait?
I  believe that families should not all dress identically. Instead, select a color palate and let your family members wear something that fits his or her personality. Maybe you choose white and blue, with an accent color; or spring colors; or earth tones (oranges and browns). Small patterns work too, but stay away from big logos or busy patterns. I suggest selecting a piece of clothing that you really like, and then coordinating around it. It can be formal or casual. Whatever you fancy! Just be sure to be YOU and have fun! Check out my “what to wear”  pinterest board  for ideas!

In general, what time of day is best for an outdoor photo shoot?
If we shoot in the studio, any time of day works, so book your shoot when everyone is happiest (specifically children.) If the shoot is outdoors, early morning and evening is best. And even though we live in a place full of natural beauty, I encourage simple, natural background choices over fabulous landscapes. It’s about the people, not the background.

But we want us in front of the Tetons. When can we shoot this?
It depends if you are in Wyoming or Idaho. In Jackson, the sunrise lights up the Tetons, so a [very] early morning shoot is best—sunrise, if possible. Sunset is also wonderful, with the sun just behind the mountains. In Idaho, it’s a bit trickier. The sun is too bright behind the mountains in the morning, so evening is best.  This can mean as late as 8 or 9 p.m. in the summer to assure no squinting. Obviously, this is a tough hour for little ones.

Will we get digital files of our photographs?
We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with high-quality printed product first; however, there are digital options available in some of our collections.