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folio boxes | new product

Back when I was in photography school in San Francisco, things were a little different (this is where I date myself.) Digital photography had only just peeked its head onto the scene and film was still IT. Every week we’d be given assignments and would have to turn in a beautiful, matted photograph, black and white mostly, as our homework.

This meant not only photographing your assignment, but then developing your film…agitating a metal can back and forth, praying you didn’t screw up shuffling your precious exposed film onto the reel in total darkness. Then you headed into the dark room to print contact sheets and choose your final image. The next step was to expose your paper, and bathe it in 4 tubs of liquid…stinky, toxic liquid. Sometimes, this was done on my own enlarger in my tiny apartment bathroom and/or closet with minimal ventilation. After your print had dried, the next step was either dry mounting or window mounting your photograph. This final product would be brought to class, placed on an easel and then be subjected to rounds of “constructive” criticism.

Although I’m exhausted just thinking about it, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I can feel and smell and taste the entire process and it’s one that is deeply ingrained in my mind. In those days, a 20-something living in San Francisco, I felt like I was a true artist, starving and all. Things aren’t that way anymore. Everything is so immediate, so saturated with color and filters and actions. I miss the way photography would fill all of my senses.

This brings me to my new product…the folio box. Just putting my first one together sitting on the floor in my studio this morning, I was reminded of the good ol’ days, where you could actually touch an image. And I am so happy and proud to be adding this product to my lineup. It’s a portfolio box of days gone by. A lovely, gray, linen archival box sized 11×14. It holds matted 7×10 images and you can purchase 6, 12, or 18 images to be included. Keep them in the box or choose a favorite to frame and hang on your wall. Buy an easel and switch out which one you feature now and again. So many possibilities.

These are available for any of my shoots, be it newborns, beauty, maternity, family, or weddings. I put this sample together for my shoot with Andrea. Feel free to stop by the studio to see it in person and most importantly, to touch it.




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