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One month ago today, my baby boy, Harper, turned one. As is typical with second kids, things get a little behind, but I didn’t want his special day to go by without a few words on this momentous occasion. Harper is my second boy. He quickly gained the nickname “Happy Harper” and has always been so mellow and sweet. He loves to snuggle on a shoulder and give hugs to you as well as to all of his stuffed animals and says, “Aaawww.” He has absolutely no use for a pacifier (whereas Owen, our first boy, couldn’t do without.) When he falls asleep, he wants to be walked around with is head on our shoulder and he “sings”, which is basically noises of various volumes depending on his mood. He’s been sleeping on his belly (long before he was technically supposed to), and he sleeps a full 12 hours every night. (I cannot thank you enough for this, my little bean.)

For most of his eating life, he’s preferred finger food to baby food so we’ve decided not buy/waste anymore nice, organic baby food. He’ll eat what we eat now, but he’s not ready to let go of his bottles just yet. He does, however, like to hold his own bottle. After he’s done, he all but throws the bottle down and wants to turn and snuggle on your shoulder. He loves when I rub the back of his neck…almost instantaneous calm.

Harper started walking a few days before his 1st birthday and is now unstoppable. He holds his arms out, stumbles around with a gaping smile on his face, and often still falls, but we don’t see him on all fours much anymore. He’s got a 4 year old big brother to keep up with and does quite a good job. He’s learned the art of wrestling at the tender age of one and I foresee a long, wild future ahead of me! Bathtime is always entertaining, and he gets so excited when the bathtub starts to fill. Once in it, he’ll splash like crazy, crawl around, stand up, fall down, and generally be silly. Nothing compares to the fun that happens when he shares a bath with his big brother, though. It’s a real party…every time.

Harper is starting to talk. Perhaps his first word was “mama”. Now we hear “car” and “dog” and “ball” . “Papa” has surfaced a few times. “More” here and there, but mostly in sign language. He’s also starting to know what he wants so our sweet little baby can make a pretty ear-piercing sound to make sure he’s heard. I still want to deny the fact that he will one day be a two-year old, fighting to make his opinions known and understood. (Will I have more patience this time around? I’d like to think so, but we’ll see…)

Harper, you are such a light in our lives. We can’t imagine life without you, and we are so blessed that you are part of our family. We didn’t know if you were a boy or girl when you came out, but we are so happy to watch you and your brother’s relationship grow. Your big brother, Owen, will always be there to take care of you and already does so. He makes sure you don’t put “choking hazards” in your mouth or get too close to the stairs when the gate is down. He shares his toys with you and is teaching you how to do all sorts of things. In all likelihood, you will be the “youngest”, as your mama and papa were. You’ll be taken care of all your life, and hopefully someday you don’t decide to go and move far away from us (sorry, mom and dad.)

I took Harper to the studio on his birthday for a “cake smash”. It was sort of last minute, so his cake turned out to be an oversized monster cupcake from Broulim’s (I do not recommend these.) After playing with it for a few minutes, we coaxed him into trying a bite, which he did and promptly gagged. We hope we’ve turned him off super sugary food for a little while, at least.


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