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It’s June 9th and it’s cold and rainy and in some parts of the valley, snowing…a lot. I arrived to my exercise class this morning to find out the schedule had changed and the 9am class was no more. So instead of heading right to the studio, I opted to sip a coffee…from a real mug, in a real coffee shop. I read the paper. I then ran some errands and leisurely arrived at the studio. One of my current projects is to clean out my emails. I have succeeded in trimming my inbox way down, at one point to only 16 messages. But I found out it’s like cleaning my room…beautiful and clean for about a day, and then the clutter starts again.

What happened today is that I also came across old emails from friends, ex-boyfriends, old jobs, etc. Needlesstosay, it took me down the wonderful road of nostalgia, and I thought of all the stuff I’ve done and how much of my life used to be my own. (These days, I cherish 5 minutes alone in the bathroom and consider that my “me” time most days.) I then browsed around Facebook and came across a video on a fav mom blog, Momversation. The topic was, “If you weren’t a mother, you’d be _______?” It was all very timely as I sit here thinking of all the things I had done and all the things I could be doing if I didn’t have all these responsibilities to other people. It’s quite overwhelming at times, but as the mind circles through it all, I always come to the conclusion that I would choose nothing else right now. No, it’s not glamorous and no, I’m not convinced I’m doing it well…but I’ve fallen in love with two little boys more than I ever imagined possible. And someday, they’ll have their own lives, and I’ll be that mom wondering why they never call. It makes it a little easier when I’m frustrated with a one-year old crawling up my leg when I just want to make the morning coffee. It makes me appreciate the “5” minutes I have with my 4 year old before he drifts off to sleep. I love the feeling of nostalgia and the way it makes you appreciate where you’ve been. I’m certain in the not-too-distant future, I’m going to be pining away for these current, crazy days, so I better just enjoy them while they’re here.

Now it’s time to work before it’s time to pick up the kids…

A few photos I came across from my photo assisting days in San Francisco. They were actually really tough days full of heavy lifting and catering to all sorts of challenging personalities. But going to the “office” was always a new adventure in a stunningly gorgeous place. And no, I wasn’t really as much of a bad-ass as the second photo may have you believe…

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