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Photography is complicated. There are so many elements to making good pictures. Lighting, lens choice, camera settings, focal point, weather, making your clients feel fabulous, locations, direction, etc. etc. This morning, I had an early sunrise portrait of the bride and groom from the wedding I shot last night. There wasn’t much time in between for sleep. Needlesstosay, I’m a bit fried.

Then my baby needed his diaper changed. As I often do, I handed him a ring to play with while I do the “dirty” work. And this morning, it struck me how incredibly simple his tasks are right now. He’s starting from square one, so his job today (other than the obvious eat, poop, sleep cycle) is to learn to grab a ring…and if he’s lucky, get it in his mouth. Oh, how envious I was to watch him, and I realized how utterly complicated our adult lives are.

I say to you, son, enjoy this carefree time in your life. Enjoy the simplicity. Someday you can worry about work and bills and taking care of your own kids, but for now just work on getting those digits around that little plastic circle.

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